girl fighting

Girl fighting

im in a fight with this girl, and she is getting other people involved and they are all having a go at me!! i dont know what to do, i said i wanted to be friends with her, but she said she doesnt want to be friends with me, but she is still getting others involved! :(
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Become friends with other gals. Get them to stand up for you!! friends always stand up for you and they're always there for you!
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i agree with @sabrina_bundy
if she is fighting with just ignore behave like u arent listning dis happnd to me lots of times if i fot bak i was told dat i was responsible for da fight so just ignore life is not so long to spend on fiting just enjoy it peeps whom she involves if are ur frens den u no need to giv any explanation bt if dey arent ur frens den ur 1000 words wuld not stop dem thinking u r bad
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yeah its verbally, ok thanks i will do that :)
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What exactly do you mean by fight? Verbally or physically? If verbally, just ignore her. It'll take some time, but if you keep ignoring her, she'll eventually get bored and stop. If its physical fighting, you should probably tell someone. I know most people would probably see that as being a snitch, but who cares what they think? You need to look out for yourself and the people that care about you too will be grateful you stood up for yourself so they don't have to see you get hurt.
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