one of my bestfriends was talking about me today with someone, so i dont know if i should text her or say somthing to her face? it really upset me! and i didnt think she would backstab!
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thanks, it was all sorted out it was just a misunderstanding, but thanks x
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I somewhat agree with mamak rolya82. If it was bestfriend, you should probably talk to her and see if it was a misunderstanding. And in the end of all of it, if she was talking crap behind your back, then she's really not that great of a best friend. If you want to stay friends with her, do so. But I wouldn't trust her the way you used to.
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yeah it was a best friend, ok thanks
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The things that people say about us, don`t characterize us, but the people who say these things are well characterized by their words. Unfortunately, such things sometimes happen in our life and you should learn how to cope with such situations. If it was one of your best friends, I really think it`ll be better to talk to her or him and find out what happened, may be it was a misunderstanding.
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