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I just wanted to ask about the shape of my eyes...I get told that my eyes are amazing alot of the time but I find that I havn't a clue when it comes to highlighting them and this is mainly because I'm unsure of the shape of them!They seem almond shape but are they also close set r can they be both??it would be really helpful if I knew so i'd know how to apply eye make up for my shape!I have a party coming up 2m and Im going shopping for eye make up so some tips on a smokey eye or night time look for green eyes and for my shaped eyes would be great !:D
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Also the make up I have on in this pic was told thrown together I actually didn't have a clue wat I was doing it was jus experimenting....:DI usually wear one brown shade for nites out and I basically jus put it on the lid and below the eye and makes my eyes look really big and mayb a small bit of eyeliner and black mascara but I don't really highlight the shape of my eye or anything plus Im really bored of this brown eyeshadow look!im not a big expert wen it comes to eye make up Ive alwaz been really natural wen it comes to make up so some simple tips and easy effective colors to use would be great!I just want to make my eyes look more sexy and shapely for a night out with little effort or atleast not loads ha so please help some images wud also be gud cos its easier to see what it'l look like on me then!
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