Do you think i'm model material?

I've done some modeling in my past, and I want to know if you guys think I have potential! All my friends and photographers think I'm naturally a great model, but I don't really agree with them! I'd totally appreciate your opinions!
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You are very beautiful!! and i agree with @Sir_Slicer
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I'm going to be honest, so that you don't grow up with a big ego thinking you can just get by in life on your looks. You're average looking with very pretty eyes, but scouts are looking for a complete package.

I think you should focus on education first and foremost. If you get accidentally discovered while on the way to college class, then great. I just wouldn't spend all of my parents time and money on head shots or carting you around to every America's Top Model audition.
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Here's some more examples of my work!
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Hair question (:
Nerd !
Modeling isn't a job, it's a passion.
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