can i grow taller?

Can i grow taller?

im 12 at the moment im 5'3 and by the time i'm 22 i would like to be 5'8 or 9, with a lot of yoga and excercise could i be that tall? x
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Nope its genes mostly. Some medical conditions can affect height. Im 5"2 my father was 6"10(at 18) and my mother was 5"10(at 14)- because I had failure to thrive as a baby. Unless you have tall genes chances are that you wont be much taller than you are now. Yoga will help your back and therefore make you look a few centermetres taller but it wont make you grow.
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It's not possible to force your body into a certaion shape, unless that is smaller, but even that is unhealthy. At 12, I think you are quite tall for your age as it is, but it completely depends on your genes as to how tall you are when you stop growing! Even if you don't grow THAT tall then you can still wear heels, which I would prefer to be able to do rather than being my height of 5'6'', and I am 16. x
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Thats obout how tall and old i am and u cant really force your body to grow and trust me being tall isnt always awesome im the 2nd tallest person of 22 people including the boys so the only one thats taller than me is really wierd and its not that cool towering over almost all the boys some boys like tall women but some boys dont the only good thing about bieng tall is getting things on shelves so you should jut remember that you should be happy the way you are
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