i just got braces and i feel different and a little do i get my confadence back??
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i used to have braces and i was confident because i was so looking forward to a better look of my tooth :D nobody from around me had a problem with my braces. for boys for example, i was attractive before and during having the braces in the same way ;)
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I have braces, and just try to be confident even if your really not, just let people know that your not insecure about them and that you don't think they're ugly, so then people wont say anything. You could also keep telling yourself that one day you are going to look so amazing when they come off.
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Don't you worry about it. Braces are normal. Almost everyone gets them these days. If you want to add your own style to it, you can ask to personalize the colors of your rubber bands. Plus, just think how beautiful your teeth will look when you get your braces off! Hope this helps!
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