Aren't u tired of girls who think their whole world revolves around their boyfriend.

Aren't u tired of girls who think their whole world revolves around their boyfriend.

I know that high school and as a girl gets older they need some sort of relationship with a guy. And when a girl does she forgets about everything, she is clingy, she always considers his feelings, talks about him all the time.

i think it is annoying and i personally feel that girls have more priorities than just some guy

Some girls for example age 12 when they get their 1st boyfriend they think they are gonna get married and togather forever.
we all know that rarely happens

tell me ur opinions about that
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That is very true @ForeverMe11. a negative viewpoint but true.
On the other hand I can see how these girls are in love with their guy.
Unfortunately, your youth is gonna cause some troubles that a normal (adult ones) don't have.
If you can make it last, kudos. But it will take a lot of patience.
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And to add-- I also think I'm very in love with my guy. It's lasted for 6 months; our relationship is very strong and it surprises us because most teen couples last for maybe a week to a month or two. People say it's not true love but we believe it is and that's just our opinion :)
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I'm 14 and a half and have a boyfriend whom we've been together for 6 months now and I don't really know how to explain my opinion haha I think it's awesome to obsess over your guy because it's a fun conversation for me but whenever I do it, people get annoyed, so I don't.
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Haylee (Me) at 14 and a half years old
I think it's really stupid and people are too ignorant to realize it's not gonna last. They are so infatuated its ridiculous. But unfortunately there's nothing u can really do. they jus gotta go through it and realize it's not "real love".
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