Any one has any good beauty tips?

Any one has any good beauty tips?

if you have any cool beauty tips please share ? ill be very grateful for any
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1. Remember to brush your eyebrows so they dont look too fuzzy.
2. Wear as little makeup as possible.
3. Curl your eyelashes to eccentuate your eyes.
4. Smile, then use a comb to creat the blush effect on the apples of your cheeks.
5. If you are tan, wear pale pink lipstick. If not, wear a brighter pink lipstick.
6. Gold eyeshadow looks good on anyone.
7. Use colors that eccentuate your features.

General Beauty:

1. Stay hydrated to prevent pimples.
2. If your acne treatment doesn't work, try ClearPore by Neutrogina.
3. Use lip balm instead of licking your lips.
4. Try using Hot Six Oil to keep hair healthy (it works wonders on me).
5. Use a home hair removal system so you don't have to shave.
6. Use lotion.
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