Any ideas for a photoshoot? hair, make up, any ideas!

I have previously done a marvel avengers photoshoot but I am currently debating on what theme I could do for my next photoshoot. Knowing this community is full of great ideas, I thought I'd resort to some advice from you! Any theme at all, ranging from 60's look to any modernized look. Even if you have no idea of a specific theme, maybe an explanation of a make up look I could use? Or even a hairstyle! All is welcome and muchly appreciated.

*Would upload more photos but can't upload more than one, sorry. :)
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Hey Ana! Please post photos of your photoshoot when it's done! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos!
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Thanks everyone, absolutely lovely ideas! Beach it is then since I like that idea :D <3<3<3 I'll try all I think actually lolol.
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Perhaps pin-up style in a 50s Diner?
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