My nails starts breaking ???help

my nails starst breaking i m very worried plzz helps me fast wen they grow they start breaking i m really sad koz dey look so ugly
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try to put base coat nail hardener aall the time and put some garlic once a week...garlic has a natural element that could harden your nails...it heps on mine!now my nails are so strong.....its even hard to trim them now..coz the nail cutter almost cant cut them..lol
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get a nail sealer they really do work
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thankyou so much to all of you guys all of ur suggestion are really good i m following all of em thank you onc gain
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My nails always do that, It helps if you use a nail strengthening varnish and cuticle cream
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Well,mine too,so I know how you feel. -.- First,it isn't anything serious. I don't know how to stop that breaking,but i know how you can make your nails stronger and longer without buying anything.. Every second night,after sleeping,you should boil water,than put some salt in it and wait salt to dissolve in water,than put your nails in it for 10-15 minutes. Do that 2 moths and your nails will really fast grow. I hope I helped you :-)
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sorry It supposed to read use 'Hard as nails" on them. Good luck!
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Use hard as "nails on them" or" OPI nail envy". Try not to use to nail polish remover too often. It drys out your nails. Take calcium,vitamin D and zinc. Biotin, also known as B7 or vitamin H is also good for nail growth.Wear gloves when cleaning or washing dishes.
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darling,l had the same problem..but l went to a phamacy and l said to the pharmacists my prob..she suggested me a great product to use and now l am feeling great.my nails are stronger and when they grow they dont break anymore.you should do the same..:))
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