How much would you pay for a good mani-pedi?

I'm usually the type of gal that likes to do my own nails...but seeing that I'm to attend a wedding next month, I decided to go for a professional mani-pedi. How much are people generally willing to spend on a good manicure and pedicure?
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I usually try to find deals in my area and then research the salons. A lot of times I can come away with both for $20.
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i would pay between $20 - $30 dollars for a good mani _ pedi
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I think $30 sounds about right for a mani/pedi combo. I hear gel manicures are more expensive though so if you do that, I think $45 ish for both.
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I'm not doing mani-pedi, but If I did, I would pay 30 euros tops!!!! :D
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Probably $30 is where I would draw the line. I don't treat myself often enough though. A wedding is a good excuse to splurge.
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It's crazy because I've had many pedicures at many prices ranges and the best pedicure I got was just a few weeks ago and it was $19. Just research the salons you're thinking about going to or wait for a good deal to come through.
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I think $40 for both is reasonable.
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For something that's so temporary and last a week max, normally I wouldn't pay for it. Now if it's for a very special occasion... maybe $30 max.
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Basic packages in a big city are ~$25-$45, plus tip. If you're requesting French Tips or detail (ie a flower, rhinestones), you can expect to tack on an additional $5-10. Before you choose a place, check out the online reviews for it (yelp, google, etc.) to see if there are any hygiene or customer service concerns. Avoid any place that doesn't change the water or sanitize its instruments between sessions.

Personally, I tend to go to mom-and-pop stores instead of chains (you get better deals and more attention), and I only spend higher than $30 if it's including a foot/hand massage, or paraffin wax and a massage chair. If you're in a smaller town, you may have to pay more.
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It depends if you're getting gel now. It's a little more expensive, but it lasts longer like 2 weeks. It's like $25-30 but it lasts. So maybe like $40?
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