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How do i prevent my nails from chipping?

I have weak and brittle nails, which I heard can be caused from diet as well as biting, lifestyle habits, etc. What are some good ways to prevent brittle nails that chip easily?
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try to pamper your nails with hardening base coat and put garlic every really works!i always put garlic on my nails for few minutes and Violah!they are very hard difficult to break..
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first, never bite or break your nails on purpose, or because your really damages your nails! go to your local drug store and look for nail stregthening oil and follow the directons on the back it helps! also before you do your nails soak them in hot water ,put the stregening oil on,then cuticle's, and now polish! and never use face nails! it will damage your nails very fast!
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Try cutting your nails with scissors rather than filing them, as filing will move the nail particles from left to right and loosen them from each other. Also, I have the same problem, and mabe cutting your nails shorter would stop them catching on things. Try also weraing nail polish more of the time as the extra layer strengthens the nail. The polish will also stay o better if you cut your nails shorter as the ends will catch on things less. Hope this helps! x
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Try eating more healty thing and use what my mom does it makes your nails harder try that you can buy it any where:)
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I've been using Sally Hansen Green Tea Nail Growth and it's really helped my weak nails. It's a clear treatment that builds nail strength. Give it a try!
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Eat less sugar, that is what helped my nails get stronger as well as using supplements that have zinc, selenium and iron
and the supplements help your hair too :p
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Have you ever tried Shillac? Its pretty much amazing! My hands are in water all day every day and my mani's last 2wks. This is a colored gel that seals the tone in. The nice part is it easily soaks off rather than having to use an electric drill or excessive filing.
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