How can i grow my nails?

How can i grow my nails?

Ive got a really bad habit - i bite my nails till ive got nothing left to bite lol.. and when my nail is too short, i turn to my skin around my finger nail. its really bad :( i wanna stop this habit and grow my nails! Ive managed once for a few months, and i had lovely nails, but i fell back into it ! :( now i am so eager on growing them back! ive tried that horrible tasting nail biter polish, but it hasnt helped at all. ... pls help ??
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my tip is to take control by the mind when you bite your nails THINK! and then STOP! go and buy nail files and a Curtical cutter twice a week cut you Curticals also buy the 4 steps nail buffer and a clear nail polish use everyday it gives you a lovely touching look. hope this helps x
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thanks everyone ;)
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i was a nail biter and i still can't get over it . i use Stop the habit kick the bite. By hard hoof
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I feel your pain, I too have that nasty habit. Here are some techniques I've used in the past that helped a lot:

1. The bitter tasting nail polish. I don't understand how this couldn't work for you, it was absolutely foul! I wore it drawing my year 11 exam period, which is when I'm most prone to biting my nails, and oh my god, my nails got long. It's not just because it's bitter, it's also a reminder that you're biting your nails, because sometimes people, like me and maybe you, bite nails subconciously.
2. This might seem a bit strange, but wear barriers over your nails, like fake nails or plasters.
3. Failing those two techniques, Once my sister was on my skateboard and ran over my finger, it was so ugly and swollen that I didn't want to bite it, and it grew really long. Just a though, heh heh.
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Knox makes a gelatin supplement that really helps. I used it when i grew out my acrylics years ago. Its a powder that you mix with water. It doesn't taste horrible and is very effective. You can find it in the manicure/beauty section or most stores.
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I have the same problem, so i just keep my hands busy all the time doing something even just tapping your fingers on the table or your leg will help. It helps me :) I also paint my nails with regular nail polish, so I don't want to ruin them, so I don't bite them :)
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