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How can i get this crackle effect?

I was googling different nail crackle polishes and I saw this pic. Does anyone know how I can create this effect? It looks like it has different colors but I am not sure. Any tips help, thanks!
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Get yellow,peach and red like the colours in the picture then put a bit of yellow at the bottom of your nail,a bit of peach in the middle and the red at the top.Then get the green crackle.After the yellow,peach and red have dried put the crackle on top of the colours.Wait for them to dry and you have the look.
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I just have to say how awesome this is. I thought just the crackle nail polish was amazing. Now rainbows. :D What can't we come up with? :D
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This is a great effect, first pick a colour nail vanish you are going to wear the brighter the better, paint your nails like normal with this and let it dry 'completely' other wise the crackle wont work properly, once able to touch things without your nail vanish smudging in any way you can add the crackle nail vanish (Barry M is good I've heard have not used it myself) then apply over your nail vanish quickly though as it starts to set straight away even on the brush so dont leave it out the bottle for too long. Taaddaa!!....... That was basic, to create the look in the picture you would need to paint a rainbow on your nails first basically different colours striped together wait for it to dry then add the crackle nail vanish above. Tip- Because the crackle nail vanish is matt you could either leave it like that or to make it more glossy put clear vanish on top. :)
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