doesit hurt to do your nails

Doesit hurt to do your nails

does it hurt to do your nails for the first times?
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not at all but it depends. it you paint your names at home, it shouldn't hurt. sometimes at the nail salons, the people are tough! acrylic hurts a lot becuz they cut off your nail whole. if u go, ask for a regular manicure.
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if you are doing it at home no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but however manicurist are tuff !!!!!! like realy all they want is the money and for you to be satisfied
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Do you mean a regular manicure or acrylic nails? Either way, it's not too painful, but I suggest sticking with color on natural nails.
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No if you go with someone that knows how to do his job ;)... but even if you go with a pro... maybe, because you are not used to get your nails done :)
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By yourself, it most likely won't, but sometimes manicurists can be a little rough when they clip your cuticles. It doesn't hurt that much, though, so don't worry about it. However, if you have cuts on your fingers or hands, the alcohol and nail polish will sting a bit.

Good luck!
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well it depends what you mean by 'doing you nails' if you mean painting your nails then no it does not hurt at all! if you are filing them it shouldnt hurt. but if you are getting your cudicles pushed back then you may feel slight discomfert for the first time. but you will get used to it!
i hope the advice helped! :)
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Try! I don`t believ that you`ll feel pain ;)
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No, not if you do them yourself. It can hurt a bit sometimes if the manicurist is not gentle enough when pushing your cuticles/trimming. You just need to let them know to be gentle. I've had mine "over-filed" and "over-pushed" but for the most part it's fine. Make sure to soften your cuticles before pushing them back!
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no, dont worry about it
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It doesn't hurt to paint your nails. Are you worried about pushing your cuticles back? Just be gentle and use a cotton swab or cloth around the stick to push back your cuticles.
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