Crackle Nailpolish OPI

Crackle nailpolish opi

How do i get my Crackle stuff to work... so far it dosent look very well
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You first want to do your under color like a regular mani (2coat with a couple minutes in between for drying time). Once both coats are dry, apply a very thin layer of the crackle (only 1 coat) allow this to dry. Do not shake your hands or do anything else in hopes to make it crackle as it will separate on its own. Finally add your top coat, allow to completely dry and VOILA! Its definitely an acquired look. If you've never worn it before, it does take some getting used to. And if still no luck try your local nail shop.
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I agree with the previous responses. I found that it's most effective if you use a contrasting color underneath. Be sure that it's completely dried before you apply the crackle nail color, or else it won't turn out as you want it to. Good luck!
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You can only put one thin layer. Otherwise, it'll just look like regular nail polish.
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I've only tried it once and mine was a different brand i think but first thing is that you need a good color behind it. I tested 8 different colors (one quick swipe with crackle on over once dry) before settling on red and silver crackle (it looked like snake skin) Its VERY IMPORTANT THE FIRST BASE COLOR IS COMPLETELY DRY!!!!! Do it in quick even strokes and don't go back if you miss a spot. Be pateient and dont try to meddle if a nail looks too crackled or (more likely) not crackled enough. You can however blow on them or spin in circles (MORE FUN)to get them to dry quicker (thats the reason they crackle, a special ingrediant makes them dry quicker and more uneven) In the end there will be some nails that look fabulous and some that don't. If you must, redo the fails. BUT DO NOT MEDDLE UNTIL DRY!!!!!
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