would you do this

Would you do this

i took a pic of myself with no make up and realized i really didn`t need the makeup. then i started thing back in the 1700s they didn`t have makeup to make them selves more attractive. so what i though if we all just for one day just didn`t wear makeup. i mean if girls back then got boyfriends and husbands and our modern women to day look better then we should be able to. just be your self no makeup just for one day. just try it you may like it. plus you could just stay home that day you don`t even have to go out. i do encourage you to go out so people see they real you the more beautiful one but you don`t have to. just vote on if we should or not. those of you who say yes then of course you have to do it. i hope a lot of you girls say yes.
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