Witch makep fits me?

Witch makep fits me?

I have blue eyes, blonde long hair and cold skinrone.
Anyone have any tips to what colors that would fit me? Lipstick, eyeshadow, esc.?
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For eyes, use earth tones, golds, bronzes and pinky browns...they will make your blue eyes "pop". For lips, a soft pinky brown or a sheer lip tint.
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You probably have a lovely porcelain look.
Just as a general tip, sunscreen will keep your skin looking healthy and cool. Use foundation to cover redness, dark circles and blemishes (if applicable, or course.) If you want, you can use white face powder. Avoid using blush with brown undertones, go for pastels because pale pink always looks super cute on porcelain faces!! Tan bronzer tends not to look good on skin as it gives a little bit of a "dirty" look. Eye make up in cool tones always looks the best; however avoid reds as they tend to make you look tired. Pastel lip colours or light corals always compliment light skin tones.

Hope I've helped!! =D
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What she means is "cool" skin tone as opposed to "warm".

For Summer, I would suggest a coral lip gloss and shimmery beige eyeshadow for your coloring.
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