Why not for men to make himself! like what i look? and i want to different clothes for male?

Why not for men to make himself? If they trying what they want and see how his future like.. Example: I want trying to get my hair like Sebastian Rui. I want trying that.
I want different clothes for male? I want trying different clothes for male. It's not fair to female. I want be the same fair because if I can get that clothes to edit then may be will buy or show fashion clothes or hair. That want I want! This is not only female and this is not for gay people. It for all of us.
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cuz bro u guys arent gays so chill out listen to music lik me and also create music
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:) This is so motivating... Lol
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Hi Johan,

I will say I am not gay. I am a normal heterosexual male who likes women very much. You might upload some pictures of different male hair styles and work with the administrators of TAAZ to have a section for men's hair styles.

Quite simply most males really don't care that much how they dress or how they groom themselves other than being neat. Believe it or not some women don't care either, such as my wife.

I'm glad that you are concerned about others.

Take care,

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Hi Johan,

At one time men used to have long hair or wigs, wear heels and pantyhose, and wear makeup. They had coats long enough to be like skirts.

I attached a picture of King Louis XIV of France. You can see him wearing what amounts to a dress, pantyhose, and heels. Not shown in that painting but something he did was to wear 12.5 cm (5 inch) heels.

He sure could have used some makeup - he really looked ugly in the face. But again there was a time men wore makeup.

And guess what happened - the French Revolution. Anybody who looked like royalty got his head chopped off. And now we men are stuck with the plain and ugly look.

Take care,

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You simply have step out and be yourself. I too am frustrated by the extremely narrow constraints imposed on men. Now I do what I want to.

I am a man pushing 60 years of age and I'm happily married. One of the first things I did was to grow my hair longer and start wearing dresses part of the time. I also grew my fingernails out so the white part is about 2 to 3 mm in length and put clear nail polish on them. I wear an inconspicuous color of lipstick.

I hate the term "crossdresser". Men who dress and groom themselves like women are no more likely to be homosexual (gay) than the general male population.

Have fun with TAAZ. Welcome.

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thats so nice @jsos1995 :) most guys your age dont give a s*** about helping other people..
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Thank you, Sister. For support comment. I'm not gay. I'm help with other people need a pretty and health. My point is what? Help because I love people do it change her life and change what face look like. I love to help. If people do it the wrong thing then I will help.
By: JS
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In his 20's

Brown eyes, normal skin, reddish brown extra short straight hair
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