Which make up and what hairstyle?

could you give me advice on which make up and hairstyle I cut choose to become prettier (because I really don't like my face)
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You're so pretty! If you want to switch up the look, try adding side bangs...I think it would very much match your face shape!
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I think cutting in a heavier side swooping bang would look good connecting down to some shorter face framing layers. I really think the length suits you very well perhaps just add some layers all around beginning between the shoulders and the chin. This will really help to spring up the natural wave you've got and add more style to your look. You are gorgeous!
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You are beaufiful, just add some eyeliner, gloss and a new kind of hairstyle
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You have such a pretty face! I could see you on the cover of Seventeen Magazine. You are one of those lucky girls that can get away with just wearing a little mascara and lipgloss.
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you are pretty enough but have a look that dosen't look like yu have make up on
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