Which lipstick should be my colour?

I've tried different colour ranges but none looks good on me. Any suggestion??
Here in the image below is my natural look completely without makeup.
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thnx....the kid is my lv!!my cousin who lost his mother at the age of 4 months.
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Because you have natural existing tone to your lips I would try different variations of nude lipsticks and glosses. You would also look great with more of just a clear shimmery shine as more of an enhancing agent to your already pretty pout. Ps love the head wrap and cute kid!
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Thank u all! but I did try niagara, clinique blak honey and red but u see only the red one suits me but I cant use red while going to classes! what color can I use to have a naturally beautiful look?
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Your lips are naturally coral, so I'd pick a lip gloss in a coral or tangerine shade. Also, rosy browns would look good on you too :)
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Have you ever tried a red with a blue undertone? That would complement your golden skin. Fashion Fair Lipstick in Siren would be a good color to try. Clinique Black Honey would also be pretty on you!
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niagara lipstick,
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