which is the best foundation and brush?

Which is the best foundation and brush?

i am about to buy my first piece of make up but dont know what to get, am going to start off with some foundation! but which one and which brush should i get?? x
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MAC, Makeup forever and Nars are great! I love MAC's 187 brush to apply foundation. Its great to buff it in and have a smooth and flawless payoff!
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Also, if you decide to buy a foundation brush make sure it is a synthetic bristle brush. You will ruin any other brush if it is not specifically made for moist products.
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Alright, your buying your first foundation. That's great and you will love it! I always recommend natural looking foundation that feels lightweight on the skin. (Almost as if you can't feel the foundation on but get all of the coverage you need.)
The trick to foundation is to even out your complexion and basically appear as if you don't actually have makeup on.
Tinted Moisturizers can give great coverage; yet look natural. Laura Mercier and Nars are both great.
Foundations- Cover FX at Sephora, Nars, Makeup Forever, Dior I've also heard Loreal true match is pretty good as well.
I know a lot of people that use foundation brushes and love it- I don't use them however, make sure you clean your brush daily with cleaner. Any brushes that are moist harbor bacteria which can cause breakouts/ blemishes. I would recommend using a foundation brush as long as you clean your foundation brush after every use. :)

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i ll suggest bare minerals with a good kabuki brush.
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foundation is the base of your make up, I prefer BareMinerals. It works for all types of skin and skin conditions. Most people say MAC is a better make up company, but MAC foundations do not work with all type of skin conditions. I had a client tell me after she got a make up tutorial on her self, that her skin started feeling very dry and sticky. So depending on your skin tone, go for the lighter coverage. BTW, for the brush, you want to use a big fluffy brush picks up more so you dont have to use so much foundation. Have Fun!
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I love the MAC Foundation brush #190. As far as foundation, I would recommend getting color matched by a beauty expert. There are so many good foundations out there, find what is suitable for your skin type and meets your budget. Clinique has nice foundations as well as BareMinerals and Make Up Forever. You can always get some samples first to see what you like. I would recommend starting with a light, sheer coverage. Hope this helps!
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mac foundations are amazing :)
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