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Which colour eyeshadow for a 10 year old's everyday makeup??

As you may of seen my last question , this is a little extra. Her is a pictur of me without any make up on. Maybe by looking at a picture , it will help. Whichever colour i get most of , i will use that colour. If say , there is more than one , i will do a vote :) Remember! Stay beautiful!
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when you are ten you dont wear makeup day to day. enjoy being young and not waking up every morning earlier just to look fake, besides you dont need makeup, your youthful face would look wrong with makeup anyways
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None! You are so naturally pretty and way too young to start wearing any yet. Once people get used to seeing you with makeup on, you will look odd without it. You don't want to even start having to worry your pretty little self with all that quite yet. Maybe in 5-7 more years. Even then Id maybe suggest one coat of mascara and tinted lip balm only!
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hi! i think that since you are so young you shoud'nt be wearing make-up at this age, but i think a good colour for you to be wearing is neutral colours, because they are very light and are pretty.
i hope i helped! :)
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