Where do i get realistic false eyelashes from?

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I know Sephora has realistic fake eyelashes as well as various nail salons. Sephora also has many crazy and unrealistic fake eyelashes. You can also find some at your local drugstore, but they might not turn out as realistic as you'd been hoping.
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My all time favorite natural looking lash is "Red Cherry" %100 human hair in a #46. I use these on almost all my brides and they could be found at
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I always get great lashes from MAC. They have several options to choose from and they can apply them for you.
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I think Ardell makes some good ones! You can find them at the drugstore. The most realistic ones are the individuals though.
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MAC has very good, totally REAL looking fake lashes. They're a little more money than the ones at the drugstore, but if that's the look you're after- I would say it's worth it!
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