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Whats the best way to make your eyes pop?

Im darker skin and I already have sort of larger eyes but I will like to have them appear larger... anyne??
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Definitely use eyeliner for definition. And use a white or light gold shimmery eye shadow on the inside corners of your eyes to "open" them up more. Plus lots and lots of mascara.
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Here are a 3 tips for larger more open eyes...

1. Curl lashes!
2. Try a new pair of false eyelashes.
3. Use White eyeliner on the inner lower rim of your eyes.

You can also change the shape of your eyeliner on lash line to make your eye appear as a different shape. I attached a picture of Katy Perry that I found on google. Her eyes always look amazingly open and one of the main reasons are the tips I listed above.
Not only does she have white eyeliner on her lower inner rim she also has her lashes curled, has 2 or 3 pairs of eyelashes on top and looks like individuals on the bottom.
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Big Eye Example
Try the "opposites attract" with your eyeshadow! If you have brown eyes, go with blues or greens, and if you have green or blue eyes, try more natural browns!
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By curling your eyelashes and really applying mascara to darken them and extend them will enlarge the look of yours eyes...Of course, goes without saying - eyeliner! Try not to go over board with the thickness choosen as it just will look incredibly un-natural...But defently a kohl black pencil or gel eyeliner or even liquid, neatly applied will give you that extra charm to your eyes and also create the illusion that they are bigger. Highlight the starting corners of your eyes, this will make your eyes look a little wider as well. Hope this has helped! :)
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eyeliner!! try different colors
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Eyeliner! Just line half of your lower rims starting from the outer corner. Try to line the water-line for a cleaner look. You can go heavy or light with black liner preferably or go crazy and creative :)
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