Whats a good way to get rid of spots easy or what is a good foundation/makeup to cover the>

good way to get rid of spots fast or what is a good makeup to cover it?
quick and easy.
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I have some spots from exposure to the sun over the years. I use a light liquid foundation just a little lighter than my skin tone and just dab just a little on the area and blend it well. When it is dry I apply BareMinerals powder foundation on my entire face. This method covers completely, looks natural, and the spots are invisible.
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To get rid of spots, get a good cleanser and on-the-spot treatment. Also, try to use a powder or mineral foundation to cover. It'll let your skin breathe more and not cause more acne problems.
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well for the makeup i would just wear a nice glowing foundation with good cover affect . but honestly i myself liek to get rid of them!! not toxicate them with more foundation (in a spots eyes dirt..that will just let it grow more) i put suda creme on :) a babys creme that works on rashes ect ect and then take the stick bit of a plaster. cuz it in to squares and tower on top of your spot. this takes away the air from the spot. it will basically wither and shrink. GOOD BYE SPOT! :)
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