What will cover up my acne?

What will cover up my acne?

I have really bad acne on my face is their any makeup that will hide it?
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Covering it up will make it worse.Use facial scrubs o get rid of it.
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Estee Lauder makes a Maximum Coverage Concealer and Foundation that is fabulous for covering up imperfections and acne. Ask for a sample to try and see how you like it. It's yellow based to help conceal redness. A great product!
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I would suggest scheduling an acne facial and having the esthetician make some suggestions for you; after looking at your skin under the mag lamp. If your acne is as bad as you say, you might want to consider seeing a Dermatologist as well. The absolute best makeup for you, would be a mineral makeup. You will have to layer it; to achieve the type of coverage you need to really conceal bad acne. Mineral makeup won't clog pores & make it worse. Look into Jane Iredale or Bare Minerals. If money is an issue, try the drugstores.
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I've tried a bunch of products and I've found that I really like, but the results are different for everyone depending on their skin type. Personally, I have combination skin, with an oily forehead, nose, and chin but dry cheeks. I have tried using tinted moisturizer but the shade I bought was too dark, so I bought myself a powder to balance it out. The combination of both products looked unnatural, so I decided to switch to Almay Clear Complexion Concealer which I've been using ever since. They have it in three different shades so you'll be able to find the one that's right for you. You'll be able to find it at any local drugstore and it's not that expensive at all. It's worked really well for me so far and I think the key to finding a good makeup is making sure that it's in your shade. Hope this helps!
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You'll be better off trying to get rid of it than covering it up. Make up tends to make acne worse.
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i haven't got acne but i have saw a lot of videos how to cover up. you have to find a foundation that wont smudge and that doesn't look like you have got a lot on and then try and find the same power like your foundation go over with the foundation like 3 times and try and keep a bit of your foundation over night because that will make it come out really nicely because that's what i do and it covers up the spots that i have got on my face the foundation will come out like kind of like a concealer i think the best foundation would be for acne a mac (pro long wear spf 10 foundation fond de teintspf 10) <----- thats a good foundation i think for acne and the concealer is best mac aswell (pro long wear concealer cache-cernes) them to mac products will help you cover all of your acne hope this has helped
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Yes! Try Bare Minerals foundation. You can use it just as a spot concealer or all over the face as a foundation. The nice part is that it's all natural, feels lightweight and will allow your skin to breathe. The makeup has helped a lot of people clear their skin.
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