What underrated makeup brands do you recommend?

I’ve been using makeup for some years now…and while I’d say I’m not quite a seasoned/makeup-savvy individual, I have tried my fair shape of makeup brands. I’ve recently got into Make Up For Ever and Cargo, which I love for their eye shadows and blushes (respectively). What are some underrated makeup brands you recommend?
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Honestly, I think CoverGirl is underrated. I've been several of their products for years and it's always served me well. I don't really stray from makeup brands, just skincare and other things. :)
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Unfortunately I can not carry it in my kit because clients expect professional brands used for applications but NYC is very inexpensive and have quite an array of good products. I think the target consumer is probably for younger girls (I was introduced to it by my little sis) but from the looks of her appearance using that brand, it seems to work wonders.
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I like Cargo too....they have a great foundation and bronzer. Maybelline has nice eyeliners and Wet-n-Wild has the best inexpensive lipliners!
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I think E.L.F is a great company. I love their products AND ontop of great quality - they're cheaply priced too. Great quality, great value.

L.A Colours is also nice when it comes to eyeshadows. I was a bit cautious because I saw their products being sold at a dollar tree - but I love them now! :) Hope this helps.
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MUA are pretty good:)
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E.L.F they are a starting up company, if you visit their website they have lots nice make up which are very cheap but good in quality
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I love finding new products from different makeup brands. It's surprising to take time at a new counter. There is always something to check out, see what they offer and what products are similar to others.
Makeup Forever is a favorite along with Too Faced, NARS, Urban Decay- they have great pigment in their shimmer shadows. NYX has great products as well such as their lipliners, shimmer shadows and eyeliners.
I attached an image of one of my makeup cases- it's fun to find different products you like.
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Makeup Box
M.A.C, NARS, Maybelline, Max Factor. :)
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