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What type of makeup should i use?

I don't wear makeup, but i want to start to; so i have very little experience with it. At this moment I'm only wearing black mascara and eyeliner, but I want to get rid of the bags under my eyes (hate those) and want all of my skin to be one shade, and somewhat "flawless" ? I also am looking for something that would make my eye color a lot less bland... Advice is greatly appreciated :)
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First of all, you have awesome skin! If I were you, I'd go for a very light liquid foundation and loose powder combo to even everything out. A light bronze eye shadow plus brown mascara for the eyes and a nude gloss to give the lips a little shine. Also, I think a bronze/peach blush would compliment your skin tone.
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u have a pretty face with amazing skin:) i'd recommend looking for a foundation that goes with ur skin type and color first for the flawless look,, and for eye bags a liquid concealer should work best for you. There are loads of tutorials out there just watch, experiment and learn to know what suits you best.. I've posted a link of a tutorial that i think will suit you,, Good luck:D
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