What tone of foundation match my skin colour

basically i don't put on foundation everyday but i need foundation for any parties going on and i am finding hard to look for the right type foundation for my skin in drug store
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close to the natural color , because asian skin are yellow tone so use yellowish tone until you find match on your skin color..
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It;s kinda hard to tell but I think your undertones are cool. Look at your veins if they are blue then you;re cool if they are green then you are warm. I would recommend going to the drugstore bare faced & swatching them at your jaw line. Also you can go to Sephora, Ulta or a beauty counter at the mall & have them help you pick out the perfect color for your skin.
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I would recommend a powder foundation such as
If it doesn't match exactly, it doesn't matter- because it doesn't show. With liquid foundations, they have to be exact. If you want to wear one, I would suggest going to a department store makeup counter & have them match you.
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oh yeah this is my real skin tone
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