what should i use on my skin foundation vs tinted moisturizer vs. bb cream what are the differences?

What should i use on my skin foundation vs tinted moisturizer vs. bb cream what are the differences?

my skin is a bit oily and breaksout... i try not to use a heavy foundation so i dont cake up my face but how can you get that natural finished look
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Tinted moisturizers and BB creams are pretty much the same. They take the place of your daily moisturizer and have a little color in it to give you sheer-medium coverage. Typically, tinted moisturizers come in a variety of colors to really match your skin. BB creams, on the other hand, have a universal shade, and generally match most skin tones.

If you opt to use one of these moisturizers, then you MUST set with translucent powder afterwards. It will mattify your face, so it doesn't look shiny.

I like using Bare Minerals Matte Foundation in the summer. It looks natural and gives really great coverage. Plus, it looks great in all sorts of lights - indoors and out!
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I've been loving the tinted moisturizers. I'm currently using the new NARS one and it's fabulous. Laura Mercier makes a great tinted moisturizer too. Both of them have SPF. Make sure to use a primer before applying, it will help with the oil. I dust a bit of powder on top too for more staying power. Try a sample, you will love it!
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This is the best thing for you, if you have oily skin with breakouts. It's light & airy on the skin and absorbs excess oils/sweat. You will have to layer it to cover the blemishes-but it really looks natural on.
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I have the same skin as you:) The oilyness drives me crazy and the only solution I have found is to apply a very thin layer of Milk of Magnesia and let it dry before applying makeup....weird...but It really really works :D The bb creams that are on the market are mostly orangey and give no real coverage...If you have the odd spot or two then you will want coverage. Your best bet is to go for a foundation...get yourself to your nearest bobbi brown counter and they will help you with the type you need:)
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