What should be the best makeup for my face

what type of foundation,eye shades, compact, lip stick/ lip gloss, blush, etc. should I apply ???
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your to young and beautiful for all of that hun!
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well you have a warm skin tone so use a foundation close to your complexion and use dark eye shadows like black ,dark green,dark blue to enhance your tone. you can use a lil dark shade of lipstick and don't use too much gloss cause it will make your face look dark.
-hope this helped :)
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The best foundation would be to wear a color that best matches your skin and gives you enough coverage to make you feel comfortable. Eye shadows can be used to enhance your eyes and make them stand out to look their best.
From the image- it looks as if you have brown eyes- try using a golden brown, muave or even a neutral color similar to the color of your complexion (maybe a shade or two darker)
Try using a lip gloss with a pink hue- no frost and perhaps a blush along the same color.
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Check out (they are giving away free samples now)
This is a great makeup to wear in the summer, because it doesn't sweat or melt off- like other makeups. As far as colors: Your skin would be considered med-dark, for lips: mocha color, maybe a lipgloss in this shade, for your eyes: golden brown. Navy colored mascara.
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