What makeup should i wear

What makeup should i wear

Okay i'm wearing a grey longsleve shirt and a emerald green/blue leather skirt with black shoes. I've got long silky thick brown hair and wearing it out i've also got palish/tan skin (same as Emma Watson) and Hazel eyes.

So what makeup should i wear?
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Not super strong, but a bit rocker ish.
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Emma Watson Hairstyles
I think a bronzed look would be great on you! It's neutral and would give you a healthy glow. OR you could wear a bold blush or lip color. I like when Emma Watson wears a bold, matte lipstick.
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I would suggest sparkly silver shadow.
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In my opinion I think you should wear makeup that compliment your eyes not your clothes.

Eyeshadow : You need to wear eye shadows that will make your eyes stand out (if there your best features). Use vibrant colours such as purple, blue or a shimmery gold to make your eyes pop. Stay away from blue-gray eyeshadow as it's the least complimentary colour for hazel eyes....I maybe wrong, but try this out to see if its right for you.

Lipstick : coral, pink or nude shades of lipstick
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For the eyes I would advise you to put on the same colors your skirt has and for the lips, use a lipstick with a natural color which is just a little darker/redder than your lips. The blush should go well with the lipstick so it depends on the color of lipstick you choose. Use black volume mascara.
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