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What makeup item do you think should be splurged on (most money you should spend on it)?

well make-up comes from everywhere and different brands, stores etc. and also they have a wide variety of price range.
Tell me what make up item you should spend the most money on or splurge on. And have a good quality of. Tell me what item whether it be mascara, lip stick,eye shadows,foundations etc. anything
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Foundation it can cover up blemishes while eyeshadow is just for a little more beauty
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Foundation for me. It's the base for the rest of my face and I want the perfect shade, SPF and good, quality coverage.
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eye makeup
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Foundations/powders really perform best, if they're a higher quality. Also skincare products such as face serums, creams, etc. The rest is hit or miss. You can have an expensive eyeshadow that crumbles apart & one for $2 that's fabulous.
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Foundation and primer! I only want the good stuff on my face, and I don't want anything to break me out.
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