What makeup colours do you suggest for this dress.

(Its the white dress hanging) I'm going to a fancy dress party tomorrow but i have no idea how I'm gonna be doing my makeup and hair. I mean I don't wanna do my eyeshadow the usual I wanna do something different.. I have dark red curly hair and green eyes. I'm open to all and any suggestions (:
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Ooooh cute dress! Have you thought about pairing it with red lipstick? It'll really contrast against the white dress and make you stand out!
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you were so pretty! :D
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@courtney2bambi Its actually the front thats lace up P: haha.
@Sarah-janelove I bought it at a local market (:
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wow, can I just say I first I LOVEE this dress, soo pretty!!! I'm not sure how you usually do your eyeshadow, but taylor swift always wears a pretty, curved ( angel wing) eyeliner, which i think would look really pretty with you red hair and green eyes. I would suggest, i think cause of your green eyes, dont make your eyeshadow too thick, Maybe a dash of green or a medium blue to add some color. btw, where did you come across this dress??
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I think neutral, but shimmery eyeshadow and light lips, but dramatic liquid liner. The dress is so fun - I like the lace up back.
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@Stephcr Sounds like a good idea (: I'm going to have a good go at it. :D
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Lol I just bought the shoes today i love them! :3 I might post a pic tomorrow :D and I have these really lovesly black stockiings they're like ripped looking (: .. I have a black necklace and lacy gloves to go with it (:
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false lashes....
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shoes are perfect for that look :) have u thought about stockings or of the like? probally too friggin hot there 2moro for them!! if your hairs real curly natural why straighten it curly messy hair spray hair or rough bun would look great with this look.. taaz has got a few good tutorials on messy buns/braids dont forget to post pics :) would love 2 see result. u gonna look killa.
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The shoes (:
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