What kind/color foundation is best for my face?

every time i buy a foundation, it turns out being too dark
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light ivory shade maybe?? u shud test them and find which is best 4 u
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If you end up getting the wrong foundation color every time you buy, try this: go to the makeup store and try out foundations until you find the shade that fits your skin color. Then, try buying that foundation one shade lighter. This is what I do for my foundation and it works great! If you use light layers, no one will be able to tell, and your skin will look beautiful! Good luck!
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When you go to the shop get the tester and test it on your face (not hand as it is a different colour), check other foundation colours in a different area and remember which one is which and pick the best one! Also if you suffer from oily skin, get water based make-up or check the label if it says no acnegenic, this is good if you have a dark skin tone or if your skin is prone to spots (: hope this helps!
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