What kind of shadow and eyeliner should i wear?

my eyes always looks creepy when i add some shadow and eyeliner :(
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Have you tried out the makeover tool? I think you should start with some bronze shadows and then a liquid liner, but you don't have to do a thick line. I think you would look really pretty.
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oh thank you very much guys.
you all very helpful :)
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For eye shadow you should always use a lighter colour, if you don't like it looking darker go for a more sunset look. hope this helps :)
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Just wear fake lashes instead. They will make your eyes look really pretty, & you definitely won't have a creepy look. MAC has some really good ones. Then put the focus somewhere else on your face, like your lips.
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I would suggest a creamy beige shadow to really open up your eyes, & apply only mascara-try navy.
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i think you should wear black eye liners on top of your eye and color eye liners on under your eyes it make your eyes bigger and nicer you can draw your eye liners more longer than the others
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