what kind of makeup turns a guy on?

What kind of makeup turns a guy on?

What kind of makeup does a guy like
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Minimal makeup. They don't want to think that you look different without it on.

I recommend a little bit of face powder or concealer (if your skin is red or uneven), lots and lots of mascara, a little eyeshadow to bring out your eyes, blush/bronzer and chapstick. Guys hate lip gloss and lipsticks because they don't want it to wear it later ;)
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Every guy has his own tastes. Just as you have your own preferences when it comes to men and whether or not you prefer clean shaven, certain hairstyles, etc. I would put makeup on that suits you personally, and then you will attract the right guy for you.
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Light makeup so they dont really see that you are wearing makeup, a baby pink lip gloss or lip stick.
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From what I've read and picked up on from past boyfriends is that they like makeup to look as natural as possible. If they see thick orange toned foundation, fake tan, magenta lips, too much gloss, obvious dark lipliner or panda eyes you can be sure they wont be asking that girl out. Men basically like clear skin that looks kind of dewy, they like large bright eyes and long dark lashes but not too much mascara. A little blush on cheeks and a little bit of balm or gloss in a natural pinkish shade :) You really can't go wrong with that :)
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