What kind of makeup should i put on my big nose?

This is A Very Embarrassing Question! But I Have A Problem With My Nose! He Is Big And I Don't Wanna Do Any Surgeries In The Future,Is That Any Replacement?
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And if you want to now something more about makeup go to youtube PIXIWOO.
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You don't have big nose. BUt if you don't like your nose 'u' need to use highlighter on conture of your nose. I hope that I help...<3
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Your nose doesn't look too big to me! But I put a line of concealer down the top of my nose and blend it in. This helps to minimize the width of your nose. Make sure you blend well though!
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There are plenty of YouTube videos on facial contouring. It's easier for you to watch them do it step by step, than anything we can tell you to do. You will have to buy a powder that's darker than your skin tone, as well as a brush to apply it.
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