What kind of make up looks good on large eyes?

I have very huge eyes, and never know what to apply on them. Usually I add a tiny bit of mascara and don't do anything else, same goes for my makeovers, I don't really know what kind of eyeshadow I should use or colours etc. What kind of eye make up should I wear? I haven't edited my eyes in this image.
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I would try lining the inner rim of lower lash line and lining entire top lid. This will "close" your eye in and also bring attention to your beautiful, big eyes! Try a deep brown or dark charcoal. Black would also look fabulous. Try the gel eyeliners.....they glide on so well and stay put all day. MAC, Lancome, Bobbi Brown and Maybelline make great gel eyeliners! I think browns, golds, neutrals and bronze colored eyeshadows would look great with the darker, heavier eyeliner.
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Thank you everyone!
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u can use use long lashes mascara and thin liner on ur eyes with light colour of eye shadows it looks very preety on ur face bcoz ur face is really beautifull for make up

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You are pretty! I think winged eyeliner and some dark mascara should do the trick.
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Green eyes usually stand out greater with a light brown or even shimmery/golden color or tone to it. If you have large eyes, try and flaunt them, it's quite attractive if you know how to dress them. Use a primer that matches your skin tone, maybe a hint lighter, and then using your brush, go through the crease with your darkest color, preferably a very dark brown or a contrasting lighter brown. Make sure the entire crease is covered, as well as the space from the crease to your eyelashes. Oh, and hint: I usually put on my eyeliner beforehand, especially when it's dark. Your won't want a ton of dark eyeliner, so put it on before your primer and everything. Anyway... after you set in that dark color, cover your entire eyelid from the brow to the lashes in a lighter, shinier color, like a pale white with flecks of gold or one similar to your skin tone. This will lighten the dark color you have underneath, and create a very full, even look. then darken your eyebrows slightly with a pencil. It goes on well with fair skin and creates a dramatic, enchanting look. Good luck!
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you are beautiful
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So, kind of like this make up? Also gave myself ginger hair, I love the thought of being Ariel! Haha.
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The Little Mermaid
Thank you @stephenominal, very helpful :)
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bit in mascara and eye liner with light pink eye shadow
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Sorry for the photo quality too, it's a little blurry.
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