what kind of foundation is the best for pimples ?

What kind of foundation is the best for pimples ?

I have problem with pimples
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make sure that the applicators that you are going to use on your face are clean all the time so that you can reduce the amount of bacteria that can cause acne breakouts.

never sleep with your makeup on. Wash your face before you go to bed. Use a toner to be able to remove all cosmetics.

Avoid dairy and oily foods because these may worsen the breakout on your face.
When shopping for your makeup, avoid anything that has an oil base. Try using a powder based foundation like bareminerals because powders can absorb the excess oil while the liquid type can only add more oil on your face.

Finding a suitable makeup is a trial and error process. It is best that you take good care of your skin while you are searching for the right makeup
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The best foundation for acneic skin is mineral foundation makeup. There are plenty of brands around. Try WalMart or the drugstore, etc. It allows the skin to breathe, as opposed to liquid foundation.
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neutrogena healthy skin!! fosure!
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