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What kind of eyeliner is better to be perfect all day?

I've been using a lot of eyeliners, but 1 hour later i seem like a raccoon! i have product all over my face and it's frustqating
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"Maybelline Master Drama" was just reviewed under "Trends" by a Taazie! Check out her great review.....I just read it and remembered your question. This is something you might like, it sounds fabulous!
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@BrianaHernandez thanx for tip im ganna get some :) .. Um i always prime and conceal then add eyeliner it depends on what look for what type i use but for steadfastness i really love true indian eye pots you have to paint it on with a brush but its a wicked look if you get it right. and it lasts all day. i love the tip from @RoryGautsche just tried it with an eyeliner that i havent been using (because it smudges) and it really worked!
BTW when you put eyeliner on water line ive been told its best to put it under lashes and along that line only as it makes your eyes look smaller and dark. i dont know i dont put it along my water line as i have really dark lashes i ALWAYS put white on the inside of bottom of water line its helps em pop. i know that wasnt the question... just saying :)
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Try the Tigi liquid liner. It comes in a white container with silver writing. It is awesome! I use it on all my shoots because once on, it doesn't move unless washed off. The best thing about it is that it isn't waterproof which will allow you to remove gently.
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Have you tried the waterproof gel eyeliners? Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liners are great and have nice staying power. You can always add some powder eyeshadow over the eyeliner to set the liner. Adding a bit of concealer under your eyes first should help too.
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dab on a bit of eyeshadow the same color as the liner and it will stay put all day, in addition you can also use liquid eyeliner on you lower lashline and top joining both corners,, that should help:)
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Gel or liquid on top works best for me. Pencil is best for the bottom waterline, but make sure that it is waterproof.
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