what kind of basis for the face I do better I have oily skin

What kind of basis for the face i do better i have oily skin

my face is very oily and not whether the mark of a particular product makes a difference also can not find an exact match for my skin tone. would be nice if you could help thanks.
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Stay away from oil based products even keep it all off let ur face brae for a fpwhile chick
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Try a face wash with salicylic acid such as Nuetrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Pink Grapefruit. Use foundation primer to help your makeup stay on and carry oil-blotting papers for touch-ups during the day. Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Papers are my favorite....you can pick them up at any drugstore and they really help to keep a shine-free face! Go to a department store or Sephora to get color matched for a foundation. Make sure to get some samples to see what you like best. Hope this helps!
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you need to buy one of these..
#1 healthy mix Boujouris
#2 123 foundation Boujouris....
I think I help
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Buy a bottle of Witch Hazle at the drugsore and wipe your face with it anytime it feels oily. The best place to have your skin tone matched, is at the department store makeup counter.
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