What kind if foundation is good for sensitive, oily skin?

What kind if foundation is good for sensitive, oily skin?

I want a foundation that is not too heavy or cakey (so very light), very nude and natural but covers up blemishes and is good for oily/sensitive skin? What do you think? :) xx
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thank you very much for your advice it's been very helpful x:)
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You should either go with powder foundation.
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Use mineral powder, I have the same criteria as you (Oily skin, Nude...) and mineral powder works wonders on me, 'Bare minerals' is a great brand. If you want to help with the quality of your skin, I always put on calamine cream before I go to bed and wash it off in the morning and it really helps. Calamine cream is usually used for treating rashes and things like that, but because it contains a LOT of moisture, it's really good for skin too.
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I agree, and I would recommend that you try a mineral makeup such as Jane Iredale, Pur Minerals or Bare Minerals. In fact, Bare Minerals has a Matte mineral foundation, and that would be great for your oily skin. A lot of mineral makeup is really illuminating which could make you look shiny in the middle of the day.
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Have you ever tried www.bareminerals.com

This is a mineral powder foundation, so it covers but it's feather light on the skin. You layer it on blemishes and it covers very well. If you go to their site, watch their videos and you will see this for yourself. It's great for oily skin, because the powder absorbs it. Liquid foundation would not be such a good choice, because it will mix with your oils and become cakey and sweaty.
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