What is your favorite bronzer product?

Hey girls! I’m looking for a bronzer product—it can be a liquid bronzer, stick bronzer, powder bronzer, etc. Haven’t really tried too many products out there…what would you recommend?
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Great question! Everyone has something specific they are looking for in a bronzer.
A few of my quick favorites would be Nars- Laguna bronzer. They have this color in a powder, cream, liquid and body liquid form.
NYX- MATTE bronzer- AMAZING and can be found at local drugstores.

The other option would be to buy a loose powder (darker then your foundation color/ close to the bronzer color that you would like) and mix a golden shimmer into it. This way you can basically make your own perfect bronzer for your own skin tone.
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Physician's Formula - it comes in a duo with a blush, so it's a perfect little compact.
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I have a few favorites for you!!! I've tried them all...
***MAC "Give Me Sun" Mineralize's pretty dark for me so I just use a little bit for a glow.
***Laura Gellar Blush-N-Brighten in "Sunswept"....a mix of pinks and bronze. Love this!
***Benefit Bronzing and Highlighting Duo in "10".....a combo bronzer and pink highlighter.
***Guerlain Beige Chic 03 Powder Beads.....really gives more of a "glow" than a bronzed look.
***Cosmedicine Matte and Bronze Bronzing Powder with Shine Control.....I got this one at Sephora and it's really nice and natural.

Hope this helps! As you can see....I love bronzers!!!
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MAC Iridescent Powder Loose in Golden Bronze - I've had it FOREVER! You just need a tiny little bit, and it looks good all over the body too like on shoulders, legs, etc :)
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Shiseido Tanning Compact Foundation SPF6
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Smashbox Bronze lights in suntan matte. It looks super natural-just like a real tan, but without all the glitter and sparkles.
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I LOVE the Baked bronzer by Urban Decay. It's extremely finely milled and gives off the most gorgeous sheen on the skin. Haven't tried liquid bronzers, but I keep hearing good stuff about NARS. It may be a good idea to try out different products at Sephora!
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