What is the shape of my face

please tell me what shape my face is
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You have an oval face shape which is ideal. The three parts of your face which I measured are equal to that of the ideal oval face shape.
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oval and i think bangs would look good on you
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Lookslike a pear-shaped face to me.
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you have an oval/oblong shape..mine iis similar but im more square
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it's an elongated oval but still an oval
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Your Face Is Oval, experts say based on the shape of your face,
> Your qualities : You're calm and objective. You resolve conflict with dipmolacy, and while you can be discreet when you need to be, you're very open with the people you care about.
> Your weaknesses: You're very reserved and tend to go into your shell. You hide your sensitivity, feelings and emotions.
> Your values: Truth and objectivity. You see the world and the people around you as complex, so you take the time to figure things out before you decide where you stand, because you're scared of getting them wrong. As a rule, you have a dislike of things that are set in stone: firm beliefs, clear-cut opinions and decisions you can't go back on.
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