What is the best way to do my Eyeliner

What is the best way to do my eyeliner

this is bearing in mind I'm 14. my eyes are an almond shape, hooded/no visible lids or average (it changes) and a small dimension
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I think you should leave the Eyeliner idea, and use a brown Eyeshadow. Brown eyeshadow makes eyes look neutral and pretty.
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If you're keeping it light, I'd say use a kohl pencil. If you want to make it look like you're not wearing eyeliner, you can line the water rim (the inner rim inside your lashline). Otherwise, go with a light and and experiment :)
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thankyou everyone this has all helped me alot! Can't wait to try them!
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Do your liner on the bottom of your eye and accentuate your lashes on the top.
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in my opinion, never but eyeliner, pencil, on your waterline, itll only make your eyes smaller. I prefer using either white or a peach color to make your eyes bigger and brighter. For the top, i prefer a thin line from the beginning of your eye and thickening the line as you go along. Thicker lines=more drama. Whatever you prefer is fine., jst dont over do it. Good luck :)
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do it at the end of your eyes to get beautiful cat eyes
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