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What is my skin tone?

I don't really know much about make-up always been a tom boy but I want to start wearing make-up more to suit me. and what foundation should I wear etc.
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I would recommend mineral makeup to you. These are great for the skin and don't clog pores. It looks like you're not really wearing makeup, and it feels as light as air. Mineral makeups can be found in every drugstore.
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Your skin tone is a very light olive. Some people call this Light-Fair. You should wear a foundation that specifically says it is for Light-Fair skinned girls.
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I recomend something discrete, a natural look because you have a beautifull tone. A clear and soft foundation in cream, a little pink blush to highlight your cheeks, and a little bit of black mascara. If in the evening you want to raze, a little bit of eyeliner in the top of the eye, the 50's style it look cool in you, because you have bright eyes, white skin, and a round face.

Hope it helps!
Cheers from Portugal! ;)
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I can't say it from a picture, so I think the best thing you can do is to go to a MAC store (or any other good make-up store), they can tell you exactly what colors you should use!
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