what foundation is better for dry skin on the face?

What foundation is better for dry skin on the face?

im a young girl and after a couple of hours my foundation goes blochy because of dry skin on my face, so which foundation would be better for me?
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The other question that came to mind was what kind of finish do you have to your complexion with foundation now?
If your skin is dehydrated I would also recommend staying away from a Matte Look to your complexion. This will just make it more noticeable. Try a semi matte foundation (appears as a light natural shine).
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I first would try to find out what you are using on your skin.
Typically if you have dry skin is caused by products you have used or are using still. Skin Care is the key to hydrate your skin so the foundation will
What kind of cleanser are you using? Are you using a non-alcoholic toner? Moisturizer?
Sodium Laurel Sulfate is a common ingredient used in cleansers that strip natural oil and water from the skin. Check the ingredients on your bottle to make sure you are using a cleanser that does not have this ingredient in it. Try a milk or cream cleanser- it will feel different but you have to remember to use a non-Alc. toner afterwards.
When you wear foundation are you using a liquid or powder?
Avoid applying powder directly on the skin without foundation underneath. Powder directly on the skin without anything below can cause dehydration and possibly dry skin. However, when loose powder is used with/after foundation it helps set the makeup and will last longer throughout the day.

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The best foundation choice for someone with very dry skin, is a tinted moisturizer. I would recommend a product called BB by Garnier. Tinted moisturizers vary in their degree of coverage, but this one gives good coverage while hydrating the skin. You can buy it at Target or on Amazon.
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