What eyeshadow would go with my eye colour?

i'm not very good in the eyeshadow department. I always struggle when finding a colour that goes well, so i always give up! please can you guys help me?
As you can see my eye colour is very dark and hard to contrast
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It looks like you have deep blue eyes, which is the same color as mine. Anything opposite blue on the color wheel will make your eyes pop. Also, browns, beige's, bronzes and pinks will make your blue eyes look super bright and bluer than ever. The trick is to find a contrasting color. I cannot live without my browns and nude shadows. My fave is ELF Beauty Book "Natural Eye...It has 12 shadows in all nudes and browns and all the colors look fab on blue eyes. Plus it is only 5.99$ so its a steal and it also includes a liner, shadow brush and mirror plus directions for a few different looks. Check it out here: I guarantee you will LOVE it:) You can go barely there or super smokey all with one palette. Also, here is an article on the best colors for blue eyes:

Hope I helped:)
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Sheer Miracle Copper Eye Shadow
With your hairstyle, I'd skin the eye shadow and go straight to eyeliner. You'd look cute with winged eyeliner and a watermelon pout!
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Thank you so much guys! i'm going to go and have a make-up shopping spree in search for all these colours :D!
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Your eyes are sooo pretty! I think a golden bronze color would look amazing. I like the Ombre Essential eye shadows from Chanel because they're real good for blending. This color is called Le Bronze and would look great with your eyes!
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oooo, thank you! I'll keep you posted if I can get a chance to experiment :) all if these ideas are very good and I've never actually thought about Browns and silvers so thanks :D! Xx
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You have a beautiful eye color, so what's important is to emphasize its color. With dark blue eyes, golden browns and bronzes look really natural while also bringing your eye some warmth. A touch of lght gold on your brow area will make it pop even more. Greys or metallic looking colors would give you more of a striking look, emphasizing the intense color in your eyes. It's definitely a tougher look though, compared to the softness browns and golds bring.
What could also look really cool and vintage, if its a look you'd enjoy is silvery white eyeshadow on the lid with a strong black eyeliner line on the top lid with the little tail at the end and lots of mascara for voluminous, long lashes. That look would bring out the color, make your eyes pop and seem larger and its a very cute sexy look too.
tell me if you try any of my suggestions :)
What is important is also where you apply your eyeshadow so experiment with different combinations and different shapes and stuff and find out what brings out the best in your eyes. :)
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thank you so much! that is so much help :D i really appreciate it! :)
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Looks like you have dark blue eyes and blonde hair! Here are some options for you to make those blue eyes "pop"!
***Golds, Bronzes, Browns, Earth tones.....they all look great with blue eyes! Try MAC "Shroom", a shimmery beige or MAC "Woodwinked" a deeper bronzy brown.
***Pinky/Peachy browns such as MAC "All That Glitters" and Silvery Taupes such as MAC "Satin Taupe".
***Light plums also look nice, even lavender!

If you're looking for something easy, Clinique makes creamy "Lid Smoothies" that are easy to apply and give a perfect wash of color! I would recommend a deep brown/black eyeliner and brown/black mascara.
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lid smoothie

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